Thursday, December 17, 2009

I say Merry Christmas

Popular thing to say in the recent years is "happy holidays."  This is so we don't offend people.  Bologna! Garbage! When we don't say Merry Christmas I feel it is us offending God.

I want to celebrate Jesus' birth, not some mid-winter celebration.  I would rather offend men than God.  When someone says 'happy holidays' reply 'Merry Christmas' to them.  If they are Jewish, with them Happy Hanukkah.  Jewish people are God's people so there is nothing wrong with Merry Christmas of Happy Hanukkah, but NEVER participate in taking Christ out of Christmas by saying happy holidays.  Remember that Christ is in Christmas.  Celebrate Jesus' birth this year.


  1. Amen! I'm a huge advocate of always saying Merry CHRISTmas. It is Christmas and we wouldn't even have this holiday if it wasn't for Jesus. Check out this video.

    Christmas with a capital "C"

  2. it is true what you say, and I loved your speech,

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    God bless you