Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is the day when many children and teens will go out to tirck-or-treat. This is also the night when many people will go to places having large events like "Family Fun Night," at Christ the Rock Community Church. Have fun tonight with what ever you are doing and remember to keep God first. Pray for those who are out tonight in dangerous neighborhoods.

Something else that may be done tonight are wigi boards and witchcraft. This SHOULD NOT be done at all as it is extremely dangerous. Never give the devil or any evil spirit a way to be released or to come into your life. These things should be avoided at all cost. Many of you think that you are playing games, but it is real and extremely dangerous.

May Jesus be with each of you today and throughout this weekend.

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  1. Nice article :)
    In my church we have "Food and art Festivals" instead of halloween party :) Maybe someday you can come to my place and enjoy the festivals :D

  2. Thanks for the reminder about praying for those in dangerous neighborhoods. I will also pray for those involved in witchcraft. Great post!

  3. I agree.It is very good that christians give out wise suggestions instead of celebrating these strange halloween parties which is often about witchcraft.