Monday, January 18, 2010



I know Monday’s you expect to read this weeks verse of the week and it is posted just below this post. As many know, Haiti has been severely devastated by that earthquake. We as Christians should definitely pray for them. In addition to that there are many organizations that you can donate money, food, clothing, etc. to so that it goes over there to help them.

It is important to pray for them. Many people underestimate the power of prayer, but let me reiterate that prayer is very powerful. Our God is an awesome God and there is not a problem that is too much for Him to solve.

When you are donating, try to find a place that you can donate through so that your donation gets over there the fastest way possible. It does no good for them if your donation can’t get to them for months. Yesterday I attended Christ the Rock Community Church and Pastor Darrell said that they partnered with another church who is making sure the supplies and money donated through either church gets there quickly and does not through some weird chain that can take a long time to get there. The people need help now!

Another thing, if it is possible for you, would be to donate your time by actually going over there to help. That is not something that is feasible for most people, but I thought I’d mention it just the same.
Please make sure that you are not one of those people that feel that we should not help them because they are not “American” or from whatever country you are from, because that is just flat out wrong. They are still people, have families, and they all have feelings. Whether or not they are Christians is besides the point. If we help them out in some way maybe we can minister to them and those that are not saved can become saved.

When you pray, please include in your prayer to have more people come to Jesus Christ and become born again in the midst of all this. Come to think of it please join me in the below prayer. Jesus says in Matthew 18:19-20, “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, My Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three are gathered together as my followers, I am there among them.” (New Living Bible).

Dear Father I pray in the Name of Jesus, I thank you for every blessing that you have given me. I thank you that you caused what happened over in Haiti to be known to us so that we can help in some way. Please help and be with all the people over in Haiti that were devastated by this earthquake and please comfort those who have lost loved ones in this disaster. I also ask that you bless and give endurance to those who are over there helping that they can continue to help those in need. Please also help those who do not know You to get to know You and become saved. In Jesus’ mighty Name I pray Amen. Thank You Jesus! Glory to your name.


  1. Amen! Great prayer and I agree with you in the name of Jesus! Thanks for sharing :).

  2. I agree with you that we ought to pray for the people of Haiti and hope that they rebuild their country.I think that God has a plan and a purpose for the people of Haiti.I think that God uses a crisis like that so,that he can draw more people to his side.