Thursday, January 14, 2010

Killing Sin

Colossians 3:5 reads in the New Living Bible Version, "so put to death the sinful earthly things lurking within you."

If we are to be fishers of men, we need to get rid things that cause us to sin.  If you find that you addicted to something, such as a computer game, that keeps you cooped up in your room instead of going and getting a job to support your family or help support your family, get rid of the game.  If you find that you are addicted to gambling and you lost much of what you and your family had to live on, get help, pray, do not let earthly things control you.  If you find that you eat a an entire box of cookies in one sitting, stop buying them.  This is gluttony.  The verse is very clear, "put to death" the earthly things that cause you to sin.  Obviously you can't kill an item (the earthly things lurking within you), but you can cut it out of your life.  Take a moment and think of somethings that you think you should cut out of your life.  One thing that you can do is ask God to open your eyes to see something that you do or have that is causing you to sin.  You can also ask God to help you to get rid of whatever it is.  Have one that you want to share?  Please leave a comment.

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